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GRAND RAPIDS, MI - If you're out and about Grand Rapids for ArtPrize 2018, stop by our sister community, Arena Place Apartments, to check out some additional works of art.

River Souls ($500) and Shy Lovers ($750) are sculptures by Roger Tertocha, a marketing consultant and artist from the Detroit area.

Home is where the art is – Venue Tower and Arena Place are walking distance from each other as well as many other ArtPrize displays. Please stop by and say hello!

Where to park during Art Prize 2018, with insider tips


GRAND RAPIDS, MI - It's that time of year again, when thousands flock to downtown Grand Rapids to check out the annual international art competition known as ArtPrize.

Thousands of people will be exploring the more than 1,200 entries located in museums, public parks, businesses and hotel lobbies. Most entries are located within walking distance of Grand Rapids' Rosa Parks Circle and the adjacent Grand Rapids Art Museum in the heart of downtown.

Parking will be available at the various downtown parking lots and garages, and the city's free Downtown Area Shuttle will help you save money by parking a little further away and hitching a ride downtown. 

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Venue Tower Apartments to host ArtPrize Opening Reception

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Venue Tower Apartments in downtown Grand Rapids is the place to be from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. on Sept. 12 for the Opening Reception for ArtPrize Preview Week. The event will serve as an official kick off in Grand Rapids.

For the last few weeks, more than 70 pieces of art by 41 Upper Michigan artists were on display at the Center for Arts at Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. Now those works of art are coming to Grand Rapids, the majority of those pieces to be displayed at Venue Tower.

“It’s phenomenal,” said Mark Ware, CEO of Mission Point Resort and president of Mackinac Island Arts Council."We have photography, we have tapestries, we have paintings, we have lots of different mixed media, we have sound. It’s really a phenomenal opportunity to see all of these different artists and different artwork being displayed."


Venue Tower Apartments is a luxury apartment community in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids, proudly managed by DTN Management Company (Lansing, Mich.)




As an artist, Tiffany has more than 20 years of accomplished work. She has studied hand-in-hand with artisans from all over the world and has worked in many creative fields such as historic preservation and restoration, and fine art. Tiffany Marie's most well-known pursuit is her hand-carved multi-medium relief sculptures, using mostly concrete.

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Applying the methodologies of art, architecture, science and technology to ceramic design, I seek to create a “new nature” in the structural design of ceramic objects. Poetic forms with a mathematical foundation; these ceramic sculptures reference structural architectural design and mathematical theories including systems of growth, pattern and dimension. Combined with interests in cultural identity, history, and space, the sculptures embody the constantly evolving world we live in, shedding light on the relationships between tradition and the modern identities rapidly evolving around the world.

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First and foremost, I am a weaver and I speak in yarn and color. Speaking in this language of fiber can be a challenging endeavor, but the fiber speaks to me too. This current series of 12 woven panels, so named, is “A Weaver's Journal of Endangered Wildflowers”. Like a botanist or naturalist who is out in the field collecting specimens, taking photos, and making quick sketches in their journal, I am mimicking those actions. This series is like a journey, connecting me to my roots of botanical studies and love of plants and wildflowers.

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I am an amateur photographer working in Marquette, MI. I tend to focus on landscape pictures of the local region with a special emphasis on Lake Superior. Fortunately, I live within a ten minute drive of miles of Lake Superior coastline. This picture was taken in February of 2018. The changes in weather combined with the volatility of the lake combine to produce multiple interesting color patterns throughout the year, but especially during winter when the ice alters the landscape on a daily basis.

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The painting is on a used billboard that advertised a free mammogram program in the Northwestern Lower Peninsula. The work responds to the different type faces and the underlying pigments as well as the topography imbedded in the material from having been folded before storage. The billboard text is the " Call" and the paint is my "Response."

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Visual imagery abounds in the US and abroad of current and past manufacturing and technology, and is the inspiration for my "Industrial Evolution" series of watermedia paintings. Allegorically, the industrial skeletons and contrasts are symbols of change and the adaptability necessary for survival. Often present in my work is the Raven. Like us, a creature of great intelligence, creativity and adaptability, the Raven is planning its next move in the evolution of survival."

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Northern lights, snow storms, Lake Superior...just a few of the magnificent scenes we are so fortunate to be witness to. Living on the south shore of the big lake, affords a different weather system, storms, and skies. This scene was from my imagination, conjuring up a view high on a ridge at night, looking out to where the "mother lake" meets the land, under the majestic northern lights dancing, as a snow band begins to move in.

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As a writer and avid photographer, Jennifer Wohletz approaches every subject as a story waiting to be written and told in pictures. Her photography is inspired by the landscapes of Mackinac Island, Mich., where she spends part of the year. Many images reveal surprising, fresh perspectives when human-made and natural elements merge in the island’s gardens, forests and surrounding waters.

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This photo was taken at Pipestone National Monument in the Summer of 2015 and altered artistically to express my vision. I was walking through the pathway and turned behind me to see what the arch I had just passed through looked like and I instantly knew I had a photo there.

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My work is about a sense of place, a vague memory of being there. Encoding is the crucial first step to creating a new memory. It allows the perceived item of interest to be converted into a construct that can be stored in the brain. My cold wax and oil paintings are visual constructs that seek to make time visible. Whether driving by in a car or moving along in other forms of transportation we pay attention to our environment in momentary glimpses.

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As an artist, I especially enjoy printmaking because it challenges me to approach my work from multiple perspectives at once. Working in both the positive and negative spaces, I delight in experimenting with different carving tools to create interesting textures and bold patterns. My block print designs reflect scenes that convey the tone of a special feeling or memory, ranging from the serene view in Beach Lookout, to the sense of exhilarating adventure in 30 Degrees, to the strength in Grand Hotel #2

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I started photographing back in the early 70's at the Art Center known as the Society of Arts and Crafts, later known as CCS. My photography has its beginnings in Detroit. As my life advances, the photographs I have created take on a variation of emotions and stories. Things I photographed in the 70s continue to amaze my vision. I have come to accept the camera more as a sketch book with a variety of pencils.

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I live in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula just South of Marquette on 40 acres in the woods with my wife and around a dozen sled dogs. Living in this part of Michigan allows easy access to many beautiful areas along the Lake Superior shoreline and adjacent areas of the U.P. Professionally I am a Civil Engineer, now retired and pursuing landscape and nature photography.

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Manifest Pottery is an examination of Manifest Destiny and/or white privilege through an exploration of the Caucasian interactions with other cultures on the American Continent. I am using form and surface treatments to represent this through the use of historical imagery as a visual representation of the events that have and continue to occur as a result.

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Living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula affords me many photographic opportunities. Among those are the many vestiges of our region’s history, including the remnants of once-bustling mining towns. I find myself emotionally moved each time I’m in the presence of such structures, as my imagination puts bricks and mortar back in place, and envisions residents busily going about their business.

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I have a deep ingrained love of nature that I attribute to growing up in the forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I’m enchanted by the woods and the Earth’s wild places and all things nature oriented. I love creatures, domestic and wild, big and small. I share my life with many animals and help as many wild ones as I can through volunteering at a raptor and wildlife rehabilitation center. It is my hope to share my experiences through my artwork.

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With my background in music, it seemed fitting to finally put art and music together. “Queen of the Night” is a series of three abstract watercolors that were inspired by the opera, “The Magic Flute” by Mozart. The vibrant colors and lively shapes represent the excitement of opening night. As the Queen sings the aria about vengeance and despair, pure drama unfolds.

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Brian Burroughs was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He graduated from Northern Michigan University I’m 1998 where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree majoring in Art and Design. He is best known for his unique graphite pencil drawings which have been dubbed “realistic surrealism”. More times than not, he is found incorporating his children into his artwork.

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The title “Warm Waters” reflects my experience with the warm waters of the Caribbean. Being from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I could have just as well called it “Superior Waters”, in honor or the great body of water that is so much of our life in this area. However, the warmth of the orange set against the blues suggest a much warmer place.

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I begin most of my paintings outside in nature. Being at the site allows me to deeply experience the nature as I am painting it. There, I am influenced by the all the elements. I often push reality in my work in color and form, giving the paintings a sense life and movement that we may otherwise be only able to sense while being in nature.




Depth is the first collaborative effort between Rachel Storck and Claire Moore. The artists met at their alma mater, Northern Michigan University. Depth is a three piece series composed of layered photographs and hand-drawn illustrations. Each piece begins with a photograph by Rachel, mounted onto plexiglass, followed by another layer of plexiglass featuring an illustration by Claire.


Reception held for Crossing the Straits exhibit on Mackinac Island

From bonifasarts.org

A reception was held Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018 for the opening of the Crossing the Straits exhibit at Mackinac Island. Artists from across the U.P. are heading to show at ArtPrize, an international art competition in Grand Rapids. Their work is on display before joining the larger competition.

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Escanaba artist is excited about her creation heading to ArtPrize

From bonifasarts.org 9.14.18

Rose Peltier of Escanaba was on Mackinac Island Sunday to see her creation standing guard in the lobby of the Chippewa Hotel. Marley is a 5 foot 3 inch high lion made almost entirely of colorful fabric. He took nine months to complete and is turning heads wherever he sits.

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Interview: Crossing the Straits - ArtPrize Preview on Mackinac Island

From wnmufm.org 9.10.18

Kurt Hauswirth spoke by phone with Pasqua Warstler, artistic director of the Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba, MI, and Brian Kakas, associate professor of Art and Design at Northern Michigan University and ArtPrize artist, about "Crossing the Straits," a Mackinac Island ArtPrize 2018 Preview.

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Venue Tower Apartments host winners circle for Art Prize 2017

From MLive.com

Venue Tower Apartments in Grand Rapids, Mi. had the privilege of hosting the winner’s circle and media room for Art Prize 2017 Awards Ceremony presented by DTE Energy Foundation on October 6, 2017. Click below for photos of the winners with their works and follow www.facebook.com/venuetowergr to hear the grand prize winners in their own words.

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Venue Tower Apartments in Downtown Grand Rapids is excited to host more than 60 ArtPrize Artists as part of a Collectors Art Show.

From MLive.com

ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Venue Tower to Host Collectors Art ShowThe Friday, Sept. 15 event at the Venue Tower apartment building, at 15 Ottawa Ave NW in downtown Grand Rapids, run from 6-9 p.m. It is hosted by ArtPrize and Second Ave Arts, NYC. The twice annual show was started in 2015 by New York City based artist and West Michigan native Tyler Loftis. 

"There is such a rich culture here in Grand Rapids and Michigan in general in regards to music, writing and design, but fine art is still in its infancy. It's exciting to see more art appreciation emerging and how it has been fostered through ArtPrize and it's continued growth," said Loftis, in a statement.

Loftis, whose work resides in prominent collections throughout the country, likes to integrate early and mid-career artists alongside well known names.

A portion of the sales will be donated to ArtPrize's arts education programming.

In addition to the ArtPrize pieces, the works on sale will include New York Studio School Alumni Show award winners, featured artists from New York City and a various selection of local and national artists selected by Second Ave Arts.



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